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Captains Blog Stardate 201604.12

Optimus: 2 Day Sci-Fi event on the 9th & 10th of April in Bristol

The Optimus Convention was one that was recommended to us by Lt Jg Michelle Harding and Lt Jg Rob Wilson, who were part of the team running the event.

First of all the plan was for the XO to go down and stay with some friends and both her and a good friend known as Dax were going to be running a charity table together, unfortunately one thing led to another and it was not possible to get a table this time round.

It wasn’t all bad though as luck would have it I found myself having the weekend off and was kindly offered the chance for myself the XO and our Tactical offer to still go up to Bristol and stay with the same friends but this time to just have some fun with them on the Saturday then go and enjoy the event on the Sunday, this time as attendees.

A few of us dressed up for the event, with me dressing in a JJ Star Trek top and Lt Commander Adam Dolphin going as Captain America plus a few others donned in costume too. Along with this I ended up getting roped into having my face painted which actually looked really good on me.

Towards the end of the day as we were standing around having a quick chat with Lt Jg Michelle Harding and Lt Jg Rob Wilson, before leaving a gentleman called Robin from ‘Crypt of Geek’ came over and handed all of us some packets with cards in, the XO got talking with the guy about how they would go great in goodie bags for our next tombola and well one thing led another and I was soon being whisked off to the 'Crypt of Geek' stall where I was given quite a few pop vinyl figures to put in the tombola at our next event, I was blown away by their act of kindness and couldn’t have been more grateful for the items.

To summaries, it was an all-round fantastic weekend which wouldn’t have been possible had it not been down to the kindness of Dax and Worfie letting us crash with them for the weekend, can’t thank them enough.

CO Out.


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