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Captains Blog Stardate 201510.26

Mission Update 2

The mission to Starbase 24 was a success all round with the Friday nights meal and entertainment being a nice way to start the weekend off after it had taken us longer than predicted to get there. The quarters we were allocated on level 3 were very nice and spacious but with so much going on we had little need for our room other than when it came time to sleep at night.

Over the course of the weekend I got too meet some Klingons, at least one Vulcan, some humans and one rather friendly Andorian. The XO got to play some games on offer (many of which she brought herself) and we got to meet some of the local people when we visited their shops to purchase a few things for later in the year (oh and another board game for the XO to add to her ever growing collection).

The talks, auction and quizzes were all great fun and it was nice to be able to have photos with some guests if we wanted. Sante cCaus was there selling one or two things and the wonderfully talented Georgie Starbuck had a rather nice model display up too

The 3 course meal on the Saturday night was great (though I would like to know who got no veg and lots of gravy mixed up meaning I got loads of veg and no gravy) and the second disco went down well too, with lots of people up dancing the night away.

Its always a shame when these things come to an end and you have to go back to doing what you usually do during the week but I know this event is taking place again and if I am able to get the time off and the XO agrees then there may be a chance we will be back too do it all over again next year.


A few mentions before I sign off:-

Thank you to everyone who made the weekend what it was, from Charlotte and Jim for organising it, too people like Brian Philpot, Daniel Adams, Susan M Griffiths, Philip Robert Young and Sarahleigh Mackenzie Richards for helping to make it the success it was (sorry if I missed anyone else out from the SB24 Command Team) also thanks go to the people who did the disco each night and those running the photoshoot area.

Lastly thank you too Brian Philpot for the lollipop tree (a cardboard tube that had lollipops in it which people could have for a small donation to charity) and David Limburg at Sante Claus for donating a few Star Trek items to go on our next charity table (much appreciated) and an unexpected belated anniversary gift from Mr Dolphin

Captain Out

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