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Captains Blog Stardate 201603.14

3rd Anniversary: A time to Celebrate at the COs place in Essex UK

A few friends of mine once said it couldn’t be done, that there were not as many Star Trek fans out there as there used to be and it wouldn’t work but they were wrong.

On May the 13th (yesterday) the USS Iceni celebrated its 3rd anniversary with some of the chapters members coming round mine and the XOs place for a little get-together.

It was great getting to mingle with others while scoffing down pizza and beer (and some delicious cakes made by Lieutenant Leah-michelle Reeves), shame the day could not have lasted a little longer


To-date we have raised money for charity, become better friends with one another, inspired others and most importantly had fun along the way.

It goes to show, almost anything is possible when you put your mind to it and believe and most importantly ‘Makes Every Moment Count'.

CO Out.

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