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Capains Blog Stardate 201604.04

FCD 'OUT OF THE ASHES 1.5' - Sci-Fi event held at the Park Inn Hotel in Telford

FCD, while it may have only been a 1 days event (instead of the planned 2-3 day event they were hoping for) it was still a bloody good even to have attended.

The event included talks, signings and photo shoots from 4 great guests, J.G.Hertzler Aron Eisenberg, Claudia Christian and John Carrigan

There were dealers who were selling load of different sci-fi related items plus one group were collecting money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

As well as this outside the main hall there were some replica Star Trek chairs attendees could sit on such as a Klingon one, Kirks chair and Picards chair, all which were made to a very high standard.

Toward the end of the day they did the usual raffle and auction which was then followed by a short break for people to get ready for a great three course meal and then party which lasted till the wee hours of the morning with dancing and a chance for people to take part in the karaoke if they wanted.

I wish the event had lasted longer and wasn’t over so soon but I am just thankful it went ahead in the first place as it gave me a chance to get out, meet up with friend and make some new friends while having a bloody good time.

CO Out.

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