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Captains Blog Stardate 201511.03

Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyages at the Albert Hall in London on the 1st November

What a day, not only was it my birthday (where I enjoyed a meal out with friends in the evening) but the XO was able to get us tickets too see the latest Star Trek offerings at the Albert Hall Last time at the Albert Hall it was the two JJ films being played on the large screen which was directly above the orchestra who played throughout the film and gave the films that extra wow. This time it was a montague of different clips from the Trek tv series and films that were put together in small segments with the orchestra playing below

Before each new segment a voice (Michael Dorns) came on saying a few meaningful words to describe the next piece which added that little something extra. The music they played was fantastic with great effort being taken to choose the right piece for each segment of clips (only criticism was not enough Voyager or Deep Space Nine for me and the XO saying sometimes the clips didn't gel too well and seemed a little disjointed, but I was happy )

Would I go again, yes I would. I think the JJ films were presented better but this was still worth the trip. You needed to be there in person to understand but sometimes even I felt a little chill when hearing the orchestra play such beautiful music as I watched some of my favourites above on the big scree (like a piece from TOS Amok Time or Star Trek Voyagers Year of Hell)

This was a birthday I won't forget in a hurry. A joint love of Star Trek brought my wife and I together and helped me meet many great people and make lots of new friends. Here is hoping they show the 3rd JJ film at the Albert Hall as well sometime in the not so distant future after it has been too the cinemas

Captain Out