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Captains Blog Stardate 201510.17

Evening Crew

Today's meeting went even better then I had hoped, may have to suggest going a little earlier in the future but that's only because the breakfast I had was really tasty and isn't served after midday so you have to be quick to get that.

John Hardy checked out the disabled access and that seemed OK as far as he was concerned and if we want to hire a room that is easily doable though I don't think we will need to do that for a while yet.

Thanks too Leah Reeves, Lawrence Reeves and John Hardy for coming along and the XO for organising it all. I know some were unable to make it this time round but hope to see you at our next meeting on the 29th of November

Next event I'll be attending is the Banquet which is less then a week away, hope to see some of you there too...

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