CO, Fleet Captain Matthew Bergin

XO & Head of Cadets Captain Lorna Bergin

SO & Chief of Operatoins Fleet Captain John Hancock

TO & Chief of Security Commander John Hardy

Chief Engineer Lieutenant Ben L Thomas

Assistant Chief Engineer Ensign Natalie Elcock

Head of Shuttle Ops, Engineer Crewman Alex Matthews

Assistant Head of Shuttle Ops, Engineer - POSITION OPEN

SO & Chief of Operatoins Fleet Captain John Hancock

Assistant Chief of Ops Lieutenant Laura Perkins

Assistant Chief of Comms Lieutenant Gary Thompson

Coms Specialist Ensign John Meaney

TO & Chief of Security Commander John Hardy

Security Officer Ensign Carl Best

Security Officer Crewman Omar Portillo

Security Officer Crewman Robert Waller

Chief of Tactical Commander Adam Dolphin

Assistant Chief Tactical Officer Ensign Clarissa Hodge

Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Claire Meade

Science Officer, Exozoologist Lieutenant Zinola Holloway

Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Leah Reeves

Assistant Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Penny Golden

Medical Officer Nurse Lieutenant Michelle Hardi

Medical Officer Ensign Kerrie Blake

Counsellor Lieutenant Val Hughes

Tactical Officer Ensign Bob Pryor

Tactical Officer Ensign Nigel Pryor

Assistant Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Rob Wilson

EMH Rommie

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