Iceni Awards - The USS Iceni has its own awards system in place whereby members of the chapter can be recognised for their achievements  not only  within the chapter but outside of it too. To oversee all this the chapter has its own awards committee in place called the I.A.C. (Iceni Awards Committee).

How it all works - Every November members of the chapter will be given the oportunity to take part in a survey to nominate there chosen cadidates for every  award the chapter has availble. The I.A.B. (who are the ones who put the survey together), will then collate all the data and at the end of November (at the USS Iceni annual Christmas party) the recipends of said awards will be announced by the CO.

Chapter Awards - 

~ Voyager Award - For 5, 10, or 15 years service to the chapter and so on

~ Janice Rand Award - The Helping Hand Award

~ Neelix Award - For anyone who does any form of catering, baking or other type of cooking

~ D.A.F..T.A. - Daftest Act or Funniest Twoddle Award

~ Garak Award - Best Star Trek uniform

~ Kirk Award - Best wardrobe malfunction (Kirk did always seem to be ripping / damaging his tops)

~ Parallel Universe Award - Best non Trek costume

~ Quark Award - Awarded to any memeber who makes a significant contriibution to charity (in or out of the chapter)

~ Darmok Award - Awarded to whomever helps in expanding the amount of SFI members serving aboard the USS Iceni 

~ Jake Sisko Award - For the best written piece, either added to the website, an FB page/group or the chapters newsletter

~ Department Head Award - Awarded by each department head to recognise one member of their department

~ keiko Award for Excellence

~ Khitomer Award -


~ CO Award for Excellence - An award only the CO can give out to whome ever he feels is the most diserving

~ Officer of the Year -  An award all members of the chapter can vote on

~ Commendation -  This can be given out any time of the year to someone that deserves that extra bit of recognision 

Cadet Awards

~ Nog Award - Best SFI, SFMC or Star Trek costume

~ Mirror Award - Best non trek costume

~ Alamaray Award - For those cadets who complete quizzes, games or exams within SFI or the chapter itself

~ Beem Me Up Award - Awarded to a cadet once they have beamed up to their first convention

~ Cadet Commendation - An award given out by the XO to recognise the efforts of a cadet any time of the year