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CO (Commanding Officer) - Makes sure the rules of the chapter and SFI are adhered to, attends meetings on the crews behalf, files monthly reports and is the main point of contact for the chapter and Starlight Children's Foundation UK (one of the two charities this chapter supports).


XO (Executive Officer) - Takes over command when the CO is away, overseas the general running of the chapter (from the FB group to the website) and organises tables for the chapter at Sci-Fi events in the UK


SO (Second Officer) - Takes over the post of CO or XO if/when needed and helps with producing the chapters newsletter (our magazine called 'The Way of The Warrior')


Chief Security Officer - Promotes SFI and the chapter where ever possible, makes sure all members are kept informed of when their SFI membership is up for renewal and is also tasked with helping to make sure all members feel welcome and safe at any and all meetings the Iceni might have.


Chief Medical Officer (CMO) - The CMO reports on real world medical issues that might be of concern to the crew as well as being the first port of call for Crohn's and Colitis UK (one of the two charities we support) plus helps with the planning of one or two events a year (please note the CMO of our ship may not be a fully qualified medic or have first aid training in real life and under no circumstances should non medically trainned personel administer first aid to another crewmember especially if it is a serious incident.)


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