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From time to time we (and other members) get the opportunity (for one reason or another) to help other charities outside of the main two we are most known for supporting.

Aside from Starlight Children's Foundation UK and Crohn's and Colitis UK, some of the other charities that members have raised money for are :-


1 - Havering Mind

2 - Tickled Pink

3 - St Elizabeth Hospice (Ipswich)


Havering Mind

Havering Mind is a charity which a few members helped support through attending a local sci-fi event back in December of 2016 called 'Havering Star Wars' which was held at a local YMCA near Romford.


Havering Minds mission statement - "Our mission is to provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem, we provide services, raise awareness and promote understanding."

Tickled Pink (Asda's main charity)

Asda's Tickled Pink charity raises money for both 'Breast Cancer Now' and 'Breast Cancer Care'. While Tickled Pink was celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2016, a member of the USS Iceni called Michelle Harding, donned 20 costumes over 20 shifts as well as shaving off all her hair. She managed to raise over £1000.

'Together we are #Proud2BePink' 

St Elizabeth Hospice (Ipswich)

This is a charity that we supported at an event back in November of 2016 due to a friend having spend her last days at one of their hospices due to a terminal illness. Thanks to the organisers of the event for also helping to support this great cause, we managed to raise £280 over the cause of the weekend at FCD Out of The Ashes 1.5 ( First Contact Day )

St Elizabeth Hospice improves life for people living with a progressive illness. We provide a range of services across East Suffolk and Waveney


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