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2362 - A Marine training base is set up on Mars, Captain Mark Wheeler heads up the base taking command of the first unit to train their called the 381st Tau'ri Troopers.

2367 - The 381st Tau'ri Troopers move to the SFMC (Starfleet Marine Corp) new training base on Earths Moon

2368 - USS Iceni is commissioned at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards 6 months after both the USS Intrepid and the USS Voyager are commissioned

2372 - USS Iceni launches as a training vessle, it has a crew complement of 176 with 36 of those being cadets who serve up to a maximum of 5 months on-board at any one time.

2374 - USS Iceni is ordered to join the fight against the Dominions with all cadets serving aboard ship given a field commission to the rank of Ensign. The 381st Tau'ri Trooper are given their first major assignement aboard the USS Iceni

2375 - The early part of 2375 the USS Iceni is ordered back to Earth to help protect it against any possible attacks. Latter part of 2375 sees the end of the war, at which time the USS Iceni crew are given a new assigment which sees them exploring the Gamma Quadrant along with the 381st Tau'ri Troopers who are told to remain aboard.

2378 - USS Voyager finally returns too Earth from the Delta Quadrant

2379 - USS Iceni is ordered back too DS9 where it receives upgraded weapons, ablative armour, an EMH mark 3 and special dispensation to use a Romulan cloaking device.

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