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Below are  a few quick and simple ways you can get involved with this group / chapter and even become a full member of SFI


If you have a Facebook account then this is one of the simplest ways to get involved, just log into Facebook and search for the USS Iceni group. There you will see funny or factual posts, ones letting you know what we as a chapter will be doing next, and where exactly we will be next. If you want to get involved in any conversations with us, the group is the place to be.

You don't always have to attend any get together, but when they are arranged, we have nothing but fun and great times. This can involve meeting at a friends homes, going to a pub or restaurants or other venues to play games, drink, celebrate birthdays or anything you wish to do (like even going round someones place to watch Star Trek episodes,films or other Sci-Fi series). One thing we don't stick to is just Star Trek, we are open to any and all series and likes. You can come to any event dressed in a uniform / costume, or just as yourself, we don't discriminate.



This answer comes from within, it is tailored to you, your abilities and what you are willing or want to offer of yourself, it's as simple as that...


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Fact 7 - 

Erick Menyuk, who played 'The Traveler' in Star Trek The Next Generations, originally auditioned for the part of Data.

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