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Below are 6 quick and simple ways you can get involved and help us or others raise money for charity.


1 - Donate Items

2 - Volunteer

3-  Spread the Word

4 - Take the Initiative

5 - Spend a Penny or Two

6 - Send Money



At events we usually take about 200 items with us (believe me when I say 8 times out of 10 a lot of the items go before the weekend is over) Buying all those items (even at cheap shops or car boot sales and the like) can get expensive pretty quickly so a simple way that you can help us lower our costs and raise even more for charity is through donating items for us to put in our tombolas. Items don't have to be show specific or expensive. They can be home made or something you were given that you no longer need or want, any item that is donated is gratefully received.



For members of the chapter you can choose to volunteer at one of our tables where we run our tombolas. You will get free entry to the event for however long it is on for, (on a first come first served basis as we don't have an endless supply of entry tickets) all we ask of you is a couple hours of your time each day helping to serve customers who approach our table.


Word of Mouth

Free advertising is key to the success of many a great business even those that are non profit and just doing it for charity. If you are unable to donate items or stand behind one of our tables its ok you don't HAVE too, something as simple as spreading the word about what we are up to can go a long way to helping us out. Just post online where we will be next, bring it up in conversations with friends attending an event we might be at (just remember not to over do it as you don't want to be accused of spamming people)


Take the Initiative

You don't always have to wait for others to get involved yourself. If you have an idea I say once you've done the proper research (got costings, spoke to the local council etc) go for it. It could be a sponsored walk, a table at a craft fair, a skydive or even a pie eating contest (did someone say pie, yummy) the possibilities are endless


Spend a Penny or Two

If all the above are still not possible then if you see us at an event why not spend a few quid and have a go at our tombolas yourself. We had some fantastic items up for grabs in the past from angry birds erasers, to Star Wars Lego and even a Marvel scooter.


Send Money

Its the same with pretty much any charity out there, if you want too you could simply send a donation directly to the charity in question. All you need to do is check out a charities website as information on how and where to directly send donations can be found on there.

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