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Back in 43 AD the Romans (with a large army) came to invade Britain. Along the way some tribes such as the Iceni decided to make friends with the Romans.


In 49 AD Boudica married the King of the Iceni tribe Prasutagus and together they had two daughters. 11 years later in 60 AD, Prasutagus died, leaving half his wealth to his wife, and the other half to the Roman Emperor Nero.


Not satisfied with just half the wealth, the Romans decided to take it all, Boudica protested but to no avail. She was flogged and made to watch while her daughters were abused and the Romans had their wicked way with them.


Outraged, Boudica gathered an army, comprised of the Iceni and a neighbouring tribe, the Trinovantes. With their help she destroyed Colchester, London & St Albans, killing 80,000 people.


In 61 AD the Roman governor marched his army back from Wales and chose a place for battle in the Midlands. Boudica also marched to the battlefield with lots of families and wagons in tow.


Despite the size of Boudica's army, she was defeated by the better Roman soldiers, and 80,000 were killed. Boudica and her daughters allegedly took poison in order not to be captured alive by the Romans who ended up sticking around for another 350 years.


The name Iceni was chosen for this Intrepid class starship to honour the tribe of the Iceni and their inspirational leader Queen Boudica, whose courage still lives on today...

Fact 9 - 

Under Roman Law Boudica, as a woman, had no right to inherit her husband's property.

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