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Star Trek, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Group & Chapter of Starfleet Internationals Region 20

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Welcome and thank you for visiting our website, the online home of the USS Iceni.


We have been going since March 13th 2013 under the command of Matthew Bergin, a life long Star Trek and sci-fi fan


We've raised money for charity, met up at conventions, chatted online (but to name a few things) and always try to have fun in what ever we are doing.


If you'd like anymore information on who we are and what we get up too, (fictionally or in the real world) then you've come to the right place.


All species and ages are welcome aboard the USS Iceni as we set sail to boldly go where no one has gone before'

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Message from the CO


Trekkie / Trekker it doesn't matter to me, we are all fans of a show called Star Trek which I've been a fan of since way back when I was just a little boy with my red top I loved wearing all the time.


What do I like about Star Trek? That's easy, everything. To expand on that I love the stories, characters, ideology and the idea that was put forth in Trek of a better future for all of mankind.


My favourtie series is Deep Space Nine and favourite movie is Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan but I could watch anything trek realated over and over again, whether it be Genes trek or JJ Abrams latest films.


Though Star Trek is the main reason many members joined the USS Iceni it's not the only thing we are into, I myself like many different shows such Stargate, BSG, Dr Who, Andromeda, Firefly & A Town Called Eureka (but to name a few)


If you too are a Star Trek / sci-fi fan and want to be part of the USS Iceni, then I look forward to welcoming you aboard ship very soon


Commanding Officer

Fleet Captain Matthew Bergin

USS Iceni - NCC 74660

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The USS Iceni is a non-profit group who raise money for charity. Star Trek The Animated Series, TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise and all movies are the property of Paramount and or CBS, no copy right infringement intended...

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